Is is 800 642 7676 legit?


Orchestrate bountiful contact information of Microsoft Hotmail

Microsoft is the hugest vendor of computer software in the world. This is a tech company based in the United States of American. The by-product of Microsoft is immense, and Hotmail is one of those. While, Hotmail is also known as Outlook. Further, this app has frequent features such as organizing tasks, saving contacts, sending/receiving emails, calendars, and many more. However, understanding all its functions could be difficult for every section of users, and they can confined to a realm of queries. So, pulling yourself out of this, you can communicate with the customer service of Microsoft customer service, and the specifications related to this topic have been displayed below.

Is 800 642 7676 legit? 

Yes,  " 800 642 7676" is a legitimate Microsoft contact number. Further, this contact number is assigned to the United States. So, if you are residing in this very region and have doubts, queries, or confusion, then you can get aid from your regional customer service team. In this way, you can build communication in a preferred dialect and have a response on the spot.

What are Microsoft hotmail phone numbers?

Microsoft operations are used in different parts of the world, and queries can arise at any part. So, these queries can be tackled efficiently over here by using the call modes. This is because you can establish communication with the regional customer service team at any time and find solutions easily. Furthermore, you can acknowledge the Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number list according to the country from the bottom. 

  • For Peru, +51 0 800 54 238
  • For United States, +1(800) 642 7676
  • For Panama, +1 305 418 9143
  • For Puerto Rico, 1 877 678 8032
  • For the United Arab Emirates, 8000 2000 132
  • For Qatar, 00 800101716

How to call Hotmail?

On Hotmail, you can get across multiple issues, and a mode that can fit such conditions is call. Here, you can rule out all that confusion at once and get a live person to talk to. For that, you can dial the Microsoft Customer Support Phone Number, 800 642 7676, and then pick your language first from the telephone menu. After that, you get to choose an option from the recorded menu, and those have been illustrated at the bottom:-

  • For information about the subscription plan, Press 1
  • For an account related issues, Press3 
  • For canceling a package, Press6
  • For connecting with customer service, Press#

Is Hotmail customer service available 24 hours a day?

Yes, Hotmail is available for 24 hours. However, the operation hours of its customer service are based on the modes, and that is call and chats. Besides this, other forms can be delayed for offering a resolution, but the response could be obtained. 

Bottom Line

Thus, when you read on here then, you can find a resolution on the issues such as Is 800 642 7676 legit? With the different related facts. So, with the help of this, you can enhance your usability experience of Hotmail Microsoft. 

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