How to Use a Webcam With Hotmail ?


If you want to do chat via webcam then you must download the software. You need to download MSN messenger to use the webcam service. You can also call on Hotmail Toll Free Number to know what is essential to use the webcam. To make a video call via webcam users need to make some adjustments in their device settings. Users need to follow below mentioned steps for making adjustments and settings up webcam with Hotmail.

  • You have to go to the “Start” menu on your computer then select “all programs” option.
  • Now launch the Window live messengers and login through your Hotmail account credentials.
  • If you do not have installed camera on your device then plugin your USB webcam in USB port plug.
  • Select the “Tools” menu and click on audio and video setup after selecting the tools menu the click on next button for entering into webcam settings section.
  • Now check that your face is visible in the window. Adjust the camera if you are unable to see and adjust the contrast and brightness to make video call more clear and better then press the “finish” button.
  • To make a call tap on any contacts in the windows messenger.
  • A video call click on the webcam icon for the beginning. You can end your call by clicking on the “A” available on the upper right side of the screen.

After finishing these steps a user can easily setup the webcam and begin the video call with other users. If you are facing any error in during this process then contact to customer service team by calling on Hotmail Customer Service Number. You have to explain clearly what error you are getting and what steps you have taken to remove that. The experts will listen you patiently and provide an exact solution according to your requirement. You can call on this number anytime to get instant and reliable support.

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