How to Setup 2 Step Verification for Hotmail Account?


If you set up two-step verification by the help of an email address or the phone number, It suggests you to set up authenticator when you will have a smartphone.The motive of setting two-step verification to do the task easier. If you want to configure two step verification on Hotmail account,you just need to follow the given guidelines:

  • There is need to follow the given link to access the Security settings of your Hotmail Account.It is now need to “Sign in” by using the credentials.
  • Tap the option that is showing you the “Set up two-step verification link.”
  • Select the option to “Next”
  • When you are trying to set up an account which is connected to a mobile device, there is need to choose the verification method
  • You need to select “An app from the drop-down menu.”
  • There is need to select a device that you are using, and tap the option to “Next.”
  • It is required to follow instructions depending upon the device that has been used by you

If you are still not satisfied by the solution of the given issue, it is required for you to connect with technical experts. To contact experts,there is need to use Hotmail password reset number. If you take assistance from team of live experts, you will be charged with certain amount, that amount will be too low to pay by anybody.When you will not be satisfied, you will not be charged. You can even go for other major options, live chat and email service are the best in such conditions. It is required for you to simply chat with experts by using the chat box. Individual needs to simply email their issue to experts for getting instant answers.

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