How To Setup a Windows VPN Connection?


Follow the Simple Procedure to Setup a VPN Connection in Windows

VPN or virtual private network is basically a technology that allows the public network connection to merge with a private network through a secure mode of tunnel. Further, there are many users who have a query on how to setup a VPN network in Windows? Well, setting up a VPN network is not that tough, all you require is to follow some simple instructions provided in this article.

Setting up a VPN connection in Windows

  • First, the user is required to click on the Start button and enter vpn in the search tab.
  • Then, the user needs to select set up a VPN connection option.
  • After that, the user is required to enter the domain name or IP address that they wish to connect.
  • In case, if the user wish to setup the connection and don’t wish to connect with the network then, click on don’t connect now option.
  • Further, the user is required to enter the username and password of the particular network.
  • And then, the user needs to click on the Connect button and again provide the network details.

In this way, one can easily setup a VPN connection in Windows. In case, if the user is unable to establish a network then, it might be because of the server configuration issue. So, in such cases, the user can contact the support for assistance or simply make changes to the network properties.

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