How to Create a Hotmail Account?


Hotmail provides high level security. Using the Hotmail web application viewing, editing and sharing of office documents are done very easily. Once the changes are saved, it gets stored automatically on SkyDrive. Real time documentation is the other important feature available on Hotmail. To view online click on file on the SkyDrive of the sender of the document. Files up to 10 GB size can be sent in a single mail.

Follow the procedure for creation of Hotmail address:

  • Visit the Hotmail website and click on the Sign up option.
  • Fill the sign up page with the all the necessary details which also includes the personal information.
  • Enter the contact information in case you lose your password. Enter two methods of contact including the phone number and the email address.
  • Enter the captcha details and then click Create account to agree to service agreement and privacy statement.
  • Agree to the terms and the account creation process is complete.
  • Login to the account once to confirm that the account is successfully created.

Facing problem in creating the Hotmail account? Contact Hotmail customer care for help and suggestion to create the account.

For the successful transfer and receiving of emails the POP3 and the IMAP settings are very important. Mentioned below are the correct settings to map the email account.

POP 3 Settings

  • Go to Settings, then Accounts and then Incoming.
  • Enter Server Type as
  • Server Port as 995.
  • SSL type connection will be Yes.
  • User name: It will be Hotmail address.
  • Password: Hotmail password.

IMAP Settings

  • Go to Settings, then Accounts and then Incoming.
  • Server Address as
  • Server Port as 993.
  • SSL type connection will be yes.
  • Username: Hotmail email address.
  • Password: Hotmail password.

Contact Hotmail support number to know more in details about the server settings. If by any means there is any issue in sending or receiving emails it is recommended to contact the support team.

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