How to Configure Hotmail Account in Android Smartphone?


Hotmail is basically the only official account by the well known and dominating IT giant known among the users by the name of the MICROSOFT.If you want to use this service on your android phone then the first thing that you need to do is to configure it on your android phone. The step by step process to do so are mentioned below:-

  • Here you need to open your device followed by tapping on the mail option
  • That is you have to move to the mail option followed by tapping on the menu
  • And then to the more button, after that you have to go to the new account option
  • Now you need to scroll down to the bottom and then should set the account type as the other i.e POP/IMAP and then select manual set up
  • Now you have to enter certain things like se the protocol to the POP
  • And then enter the email address that you wish to set for your account
  • Then the password for this account would also be supplied to you
  • Now it is the time to set the pop server i.e you need to set the host name to the
  • After that select a security type from the list followed and enter the port number to 110

In case of any queries feel free to call on the hotmail helpline number.

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