How to Add an Email Address to Your Safe Senders List in Hotmail?


Hotmail is the most reliable email service for any type of communication. Hotmail is used both in personal and professional spheres by millions of people. There was a time when email service was an alternate mode of communication, but now it has become the primary mode of communication especially in professional set up. Business processes including business transaction are now unimaginable without email. Thus, the importance of Hotmail has increased in leaps and bounds over the years. Hotmail service is now managed by Microsoft and the users can access their accounts from Outlook log in page.

The popularity of Hotmail is attributed to its user friendly interface and wide array of features. Again, these different features sometimes seem tough to control or activate by many Hotmail users. In many other occasions people call at customer service with very general issues like, how to reset password or add an email address to the safe senders list in Hotmail? Thus Hotmail password recovery number remains busy with users' queries and the executives with their strong acumen get into any problem within a minute and fix it instantly.

Customer service executives guide common Hotmail users to add email contacts to the safe senders list in Hotmail. There are a few vital steps to be followed which will ultimately keep a contact in safe senders list and from then the user will be able to receive emails from those senders right in the Inbox. Right above the Hotmail inbox there is an option called "Option" from which the user can get into "More Option" and then "Junk email". In this Junk email the user will find the option called "Safe and Blocked senders" wherefrom the user needs to select the "Safe senders" option and type the sender's email Id in proper format.
In some situations some important emails can be treated as junk mails by the system administrators, which are actually like any other normal emails. Thus, adding email address to the safe senders list will enable the system administrator to consider these emails harmless for the user. Hotmail has always given top priority to the security of every Hotmail account; this feature enables Hotmail users to feel completely secured with all their important documents in the safe custody of Hotmail Inbox.

Hotmail customer care service executives help people to keep their Hotmail account in perfect tune so that difficulties couldn't come in the way of during working hours. Right from password recovery to configuring Hotmail in mobile devices, everything is taken care of by the professional team of Hotmail customer care number. They are easy to contact as Hotmail password recovery number remain open 24x7 round the year.

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