How to Add a Bcc Recipient to a Message in Hotmail?


Sending and receiving message has remained a fundamental piece of human life so for that there are different methods of correspondence. Be that as it may, this is the time of email which helps us with quick and productive mode to impart. In this setting, hotmail is the name which every second user is using for their personal and professional message or email. You and a few other individuals may have unintentionally attacked your security. This could have been kept away from if the sender had tended to the message to you utilizing the BCC or Blind Carbon Copy field rather than the To or the CC or Carbon Copy fields. Beneficiaries of email sent BCC can't see the addresses of other who got a similar message. The Web-based email customer Hotmail encourages you protect the security of your companions, associates and customers by giving the BCC address choice. It is very east to add BCC in the Hotmail. But if you need more assistance you can contact to hotmail customer service them through hotmail support number. However here we are providing complete tutorial for adding a BCC recipient to a message in Hotmail.

  • Compose a mail in the mail body of Hotmail
  • Next click on CC, BCC available next to TO
  • Type the desired recipient's email address in the Bcc: field or go for the Bcc: select recipient from your contacts.
  • Separate with semicolons, If you add more than one recipient
  • Here the recipient of the massage will not know whosoever have received the same email.

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