How to Access Windows Live Hotmail With Mac OS X Mail?


It provides various numerous features to the windows live support apart from email services, like Spam filter, sweep feature to delete spam mails, Skype integration to its inbox, POP3 and IMAP server protocol, online docs, editing e.t.c. But in real time user do faces certain issue or technical difficultie, one of them is regarding with hotmail with Mac OSX mail. One can take the help of the support or fix the issue.

  • First of open your mac and select Mail and click on the preferences from the menu in Macos Mail.
  • Go to the accounts category and click on plus beneath the accounts list.
  • Then make sure that other mail account is selected, choose a mail account like hotmail.
  • Click on Continue and then make sure that enter your name ( as you want it t appear in the form line of emails you send using the Window live hotmail address ) is entered under Name.
  • Then Type your windows live Hotmail address ( e.g. “ )
  • Under Email address, type your windows live hotmail password under password .
  • In case if you have two steps authentication enabled for your windows live hotmail account, do create an application password form Mac Os mail and use it.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Make sure that Mail is checked under select the apps you want to use with this account
  • Then click on done to finish it.

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