How do I Reset my Hotmail Password if I Forgot my Secret Question?


We are living in an era where the mode of communication has completely changed. And in this regard if we talk about Hotmail then it is a prominent email service provided by the outlook. But what if you forgot your Hotmail account and all of sudden you find problems in communicating with your customers and clients. So whenever you find such problems you can immediately dial Hotmail Password Reset Number and connect to our tech team who are always available to offer you top class assistance for your Hotmail problems or issues.
However following are the steps in case you forgot your Hotmail password and you don't remember your secret questions as well.

  • Visit the Hotmail home page i.e. Then type your Hotmail address and password.
  • Next you have to click on the link “Forgot Your Password?” once you clicked then you will get a new page.
  • Again type your Hotmail email address into the space next to “Windows Live ID.” next click on the "Continue" button and you will find a new page.
  • Now yo have to click on the radio button which is present next to the “Send password reset instructions to me in e-mail.” then click on the "Continue" button.
  • Now once again click on the radio button which is there next to the alternative email address you entered when you set up your Hotmail account.
  • Now Hotmail will send all instructions to your alternative email address that will help you reset your password and secret question and answer as well.

In case if you find any problems you can get you problem fixed right away by dialing Hotmail Support Phone Number. Tech team is available 24 seven in you assistance.

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