Hotmail not Responding on iPhone


Mailing today is the everyday phenomenon which people now prefers to use it as most common medium of communication. These days billions of mails are send across the world to share once message, business proposal as well as professional experience. The most important aspect of this email brought in form of technological changes is on speed and efficiency of organization as well as individual.

Hotmail is one such email service providing company since the heydays of internet. It is currently being one of the largest web service providing company in the world after being over taken by the Microsoft the software technological giant. After its acquisition by the Microsoft, it has added many new features live chats, docs and schedule emails. But User do face common problems like Hotmail not responding on Iphone, one can take the help of technical support . It might be due to serious technical issues. some of the common procedures to fix hotmail issue with Iphone.

  • First of all try to resolve the issue with the help of app.
  • First of all login into your Microsoft account with proper credentials.
  • Go to the security settings app page of one's Microsoft app.
  • Under App Password and tap or click on the create a new app password.
  • A new app password is generated and appears on the screen.
  • Enter the new app password where you would enter your normal password.
  • Make sure the password you sign in is different than once you preferred login.

If the problem or complaints still persist then one can contact Hotmail customer service number by visiting their portal. They have excellent support team with adequate technical expertise to handle the issue at minimum time interval.

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