How can I Change my Email Signature in Hotmail?


What is the Process for Changing the Email Signature in Hotmail?

Hotmail provides a specific feature where users can set a signature with email, which is then automatically added with all the outgoing messages.  Hotmail additionally gives the choice for customizing this signature further via settings. Hotmail users have to delete their current email signature first and then set a new one. Or they can just edit the current email signature by making few changes. If you have also set an email signature, which you want to edit now and wondering how to change my email signature in Hotmail, stay here to know its process. You have to follow the enlisted steps for changing your email signature on Hotmail. 

  • Go to the Hotmail webpage and login to your account
  • Next, click the settings icon available on the top right corner of the page
  • Then choose More mail settings from the drop down list
  • Next, go to the Formatting, font and signature option and click on it
  • Then personal signature box will open, and you will see your current signature
  • Next, edit the displayed signature or remove it for setting up a fresh signature
  • You can use the desired font, and other available features for entering a new email signature
  • At last hit save button, once the changes are made in your email signature

This way, you can easily change the email signature in Hotmail, whenever you want. Apart from this, you can always get assistance from the Hotmail support team, if you face some difficulty at the time of changing your email signature.

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